A Comprehensive Guide to FCI HRMS Login

By Dean Carter Apr 24, 2024 #FCI HRMS


Welcome to the comprehensive guide on FCI HRMS. This is your go-to resource for understanding the various facets of the Food Corporation of India’s Human Resource Management System.

Scheduled Maintenance

Take note, the FCI HRMS website follows a strict maintenance schedule. It is crucial to plan your activities accordingly. For instance, the site was last under scheduled maintenance from 4:00 PM on December 31, 2022, to 9:00 AM on January 1, 2025.

Process On FCI HRMS

Accessing your HRMS account is straightforward. Click on the Sign-In option on the main page.

User Manuals

FCI HRMS provides a plethora of User Manuals to guide you through various processes. Some of them include:

  1. Employee Self Service User Manual
  2. Core HR User Manual
  3. Compensation and Benefits User Manual
  4. Payroll User Manual
  5. Leave and Attendance User Manual
  6. Employee Relation User Manual
  7. HRMS Mobile Application User Manual
  8. Bio-metric User Manual
  9. Performance Management System User Manual
  10. Talent Acquisition User Manual
  11. Talent Management User Manual
  12. Learning & Development User Manual

IOS App Link

For the convenience of Apple users, FCI HRMS also offers an iOS application. The link to the application can be found on the website’s homepage under the IOS App Link section.

Forgot Password?

In case you forget your password, don’t worry. FCI HRMS provides a Forgot Password? option on the login page to help you recover your account.

Limited Departmental Promotion Examination (LDPE)

FCI HRMS also conducts the Limited Departmental Promotion Examination (LDPE) under the Accelerated Promotion Scheme (APS) for the posts of Assistant General Manager and Manager.

Immovable Property Return (IPR) Status

To keep things transparent, FCI HRMS allows you to check the status of your Immovable Property Return (IPR). You can do this by clicking on the Click Here link provided next to the IPR Status section.

Cardex Application Link

The Cardex Application Link is another useful feature provided by FCI HRMS. It can be accessed from the main page of the website.

PRMS/Retired Application Link

For retired employees, FCI HRMS has a separate PRMS/Retired Application Link. This link can be accessed from the website’s homepage.

Copyright Information

FCI HRMS is a product of the Food Corporation of India and is powered by Konnect. All content and information on the website are copyrighted ©2020 by Food Corporation of India.


FCI HRMS is a robust and comprehensive HR management system. With a user-friendly interface, it offers a range of features designed to streamline HR processes. Whether you are an employee looking to manage your HR needs or a manager seeking to optimize your team’s performance, FCI HRMS is a reliable and efficient tool to have at your disposal.


  1. What is FCI HRMS?
  • FCI HRMS stands for Food Corporation of India Human Resource Management System. It is a digital platform designed to streamline various HR processes within the Food Corporation of India, including employee management, payroll, leave management, and more.
  1. Who can access FCI HRMS?
  • FCI HRMS is primarily designed for the employees of the Food Corporation of India. Both permanent and temporary employees can access the system to manage their HR-related tasks.
  1. What features does FCI HRMS offer?
  • FCI HRMS offers a wide range of features, including:
    • Employee self-service portal for managing personal information, leave requests, and attendance.
    • Payroll management for salary processing and related tasks.
    • Performance management for tracking employee performance and appraisals.
    • Recruitment management for posting job vacancies and managing applications.
    • Training and development for organizing training programs and tracking employee development.
    • Compliance management for ensuring adherence to labor laws and regulations.
  1. How do I access FCI HRMS?
  • Employees can access FCI HRMS through a web browser by visiting the official FCI HRMS portal. They need to log in using their unique credentials provided by the organization.
  1. Can employees update their personal information on FCI HRMS?
  • Yes, employees have the option to update their personal information such as contact details, emergency contacts, and bank account information through the self-service portal on FCI HRMS.

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